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“Nora French"s Lover Places Flowers on Her Bosom Ere Body is Burned Ceremony is Simple All that Remains of Gifted Girl to be Scattered to...”

“Body of Poet to be Cremated in the City Today Was Engaged to Marry Capt. Hiley, War Hero Funeral Rite Will Be Held at Cypress...”

“Friend Has Telepathic Vision of the Poet"s Death Scene A telegram was received from Monterey last night stating that Nora May French, a writer well known...”

“Poet Suzanne Lummis and artist Rachel J. Slegel engage in a literary and visual dialog across time with poet Nora May French who was part of...”

“Nora May French, Disappointed in Love, Takes Cyanide of Potassium Monterey, Cal., Nov 14—Nora May French, a young woman, who had written poetry for magazines and...”

“Family and Friends of Poet Perform Rites Today. Body of Nora May French Is Cremated in North. Salem Ceremony Takes Place at Cypress...”

“Nora May French Drinks Poison After Bullet Misses Mark. Suicide Idea Fascinates Advice of Uncle, Minister, Holds Victim Under Spell San Francisco, Cal., Nov 15th—[Special]— Nora...”

“Rises at Midnight Hour and Takes Poison Young and Beautiful Woman Who Has Written Verse for Magazines Carries out Suicidal Impulse Long Entertained—Father and...”

“At the beginning of the 19th Century, the Los Angeles basin in Southern California was a dry and arid wasteland where, according to historian William...”

“Presented below are four poems dedicated to Nora May French. Three from her contemporaries - Henry Anderson Lafler, George Sterling and Clark Ashton Smith and...”

“Below is a portrait of Nora May French from the California Faces: Selections from The Bancroft Library Portrait Collection....”

“It was mid-November, and after a week of perfect weather in Carmel the fog had rolled in to stay. Cold and moisture hung in the...”

“The Poems of Nora May French have been collected and published (The Strange Company, San Francisco). Ninety slim pages suffice to hold all the work that the editor...”

“Nora May French is one of the neglected treasures of California poetry; A tragic and romantic figure, she committed suicide at twenty-nine while a guest at the...”

“Nora May French (1881-1907) was a talented, free-spirited poet caught between the suffocating strictures of the Victorian era and the insecurities and confusions of the...”