The Garden Of Dolores

By Nora May French

The garden of Dolores! Here she walked
            When fretted in the twilight"s pallid space
  The trees were black and delicate as lace,
And palms were etchings, sharp and slender-stalked.

Now riots summer in these magic closes,
  And life is rounded in the frailest spray  .  .  .  .
  Dolores, cold and buried yesterday,
Is it thy spirit here among the roses?

For restless murmurs through the garden seek;
  To shadowy caress the flowers unclose;
  A blossom in the dark magnolia glows—
Or leaning pallor of an oval cheek?

Upon the dusk is borne a strange long cry,
  And one quick sob of wind the air has moved.
  Ah, perfect garden that Dolores loved,
Her soul has called to thee  .  .  .a far goodbye.